My next adventure/documentary will be a trip to the exreme North, South, East, and West points of the United States. I will travel with family, friends, and complete strangers from one point to another getting to know them, the country and maybe even myself a little better. Traveling by plane, train, boat, car, RV, bus, or even motorcycle or whatever oportunities come up. I would start the adventure in South Dakota and end in Hawaii traveling to the geographic centers and extreme points of both the contiguous 48 states and all 50 states. I finished my 50 States 50 Days trip in Hawaii too. Even better then finishing in Hawaii, I don't need to pack 50 shirts for this trip!

The exact route is subject to change depending on who wants to give me a ride and what they would like to see and do but the map gives a rough idea of a potential route going from one place to the next.

20 miles north of Belle Fourche, SD, the geographic center of the 50 states
Lebanon, KS, the geographic center of the contiguous 48 states
Key West, FL, the Southernmost point in the contiguous 48 states
West Quoddy Head, ME, Easternmost point of the 50 states
Northwest Angle, MN, Northernmost point in the 48 contiguous states
Cape Alava, WA, Westernmost point in the contiguous 48 states.
Cape Wrangell, Attu Island, AK, Westernmost point in the 50 states.
Point Barrow, AK, Northernmost point in all U.S. territory
Ka Lae, HI, Southernmost point in the 50 states

When, where, who? I have no clue! If you want to participate send me an email I will be looking for people to travel with, stay with, meet with and do cool stuff with. If you want me to show you something, great! If you want to show me something, even better!! I've seen America on my terms, now I want you to share YOUR America with me. I don't have any set dates or travel plans yet but for starters I want to get some ideas and options going beyond my own. The earliest the trip would take place would be August/September 2013.


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