Wacky... ...But True - June 2004
World's Largest Ball of Twine
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In 1953 a farmer by the name of Frank Stoeber started to roll spare bits of sisal twine into a round ball in his barn. This was a neat and tidy way to store all his twine. But instead of reusing the twine or throwing it away, Frank kept on adding to his ball of twine. Only four years later his ball weighed 2 tons and was about 3 metres tall! Frank gave the ball of twine to the city of Cawker before he died, and now it's a big tourist attraction.
It is housed in a special gazebo in the middle of town, and every year more twine is added to it. It is now the biggest ball of twin in the world - and is going to keep growing!
The ball weighs nearly 9 tons and has 2,137 km of twine wrapped around it! That's a big ball of twine.
Photo courtecy of www.welcometoamerica.us

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