People often ask me, "who are you?". So I tell them. "I'm Roger R. Johnson, the worlds first self proclaimed welcome sign photography expert. I was born in Minnesota in 1970. I wasn't alone however, 7 minutes after my arrival the doctor exclaimed "OOPS, here comes another one". I was joined by an identical twin brother. He was called Boy Johnson #2, but was later renamed Rodney.

In the fall of 1989 on a trip to the Grand Canyon, we stopped and took a photo in front of the welcome to Iowa sign starting off my collection of all 50 States. By the end of 1991 I had all of the lower 48 states. The following year I drove to Alaska and obtained my second to last photo. The trip and the collection inspired my brother Rodney and I to produce our first film "Welcome to Alaska".

Four years and most of a college education later Rodney and I finally finished the collection when we flew to Hawaii and made the local news on KHON-TV in Honolulu. I've also tried to get on several other shows. I have been rejected by "the Tonight Show" "Late Night" and "the Late Show". I did get on a show called "Internet Tonight" however and have been in articles in Money magazine, Woman's World Magazine, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Concord Monitor, The Denver Post, The Baltimore Sun and the Chicago Sun-Times.

As I have continued to travel I have updated my collection getting better photos and updated signs. I'm also in the process of visiting all 50 state capitols and governor's mansions, as well as the highest point in each state. Then of course there are the presidential sites, birthplaces, homes, graves and libraries.

The Summer of 2004 I worked as a tour leader for Trek America, a small group adventure travel company that runs tours all over North America. Between May 16 and July 4, 2007, along with my travel partner Haley Chamberlain and my twin brother Rodney I took a trip to all 50 States in 50 Days. Rodney shot video of the whole thing that we edited together into a feature length documentary. Then in the fall of 2008 I got a job as a flight attendant for Mesaba Airlines, which was owned by Northwest which was merged with Delta, then Delta sold Mesaba off to another... It's at about this point that I'm usually interrupted. They say "that's more than I wanted to know", and I say "ok". Roger Johnson's  Welcome to America Facebook Fan Page

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